Justice in America: Equitable Self-Interest

What is Justice in America?

What is Justice in America

It is my conviction that everything in life begins with a person’s mentality, and justice is no different.

The way that a human being views the world dictates much of what that person will see or construe as “justice.” Justice matters and exists as it relates to the self-interest of the individuals involved.

The uncontrollable psychological biases we all have when viewing society within America rely upon the values an individual holds, moreover it is influenced by the expectations society requests of the same individual through social contracts.

Justice is the point where the “marginal cost” of self-sacrifice meets the “marginal benefit” society gains as a result.

In society, a person is allowed to have individual opinions, goals, and beliefs, yet many conform to the preconceived circumstantial ideas about their ethnicity, limiting beliefs about being from a particular neighborhood or state, and social peer-pressures of being politically correct or ethnically accurate.

Justice then becomes the equitable treatment of an individuals right to act in their self-interest, as long as they are not imposing force or criminal behavior against another individual.

Furthermore, justice is what the evidence proves while uncovering the factual nature behind all things considered in any given case.

Justice then becomes much like “beauty,” reliant on the beliefs and eyes of the beholder.

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