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You should employ an INTJ personality if you have a desire to or an interest in restructuring the way you approach your business process or business model.

My sister was the first person in my life who understood that I was not pointing out errors to find fault. She utilized my gifts of pattern recognition and quality improvement to assist her in identifying hidden issues within her projects and what solutions would best fix the impending dilemma.

You should employ an INTJ if there are things about your approach or business process.

As a child, my parents made me an observant child who was always aware of what was going on and what could potentially happen.

This experience led to me being in my mother’s retail store, flea markets, church fairs, and fashion shows and conventions, understanding the process she was undertaking.

Being exposed to such complex supply chain processes, supplier negotiations, and crewing the car while she double parked in Canal St. for last minute items.

I’ve mentally optimized processes and workflows since I was ten, and have only refined those strategies and solutions since starting my businesses…

Moreover, I have refined my business leadership, facilitation, and communication skills while studying business management and analysis while at Berkeley College.

Any organization I align with has to leverage my skills, knowledge, and abilities for the relationship to be successful.

You should employ an INTJ Personality if your personal, religious, political, or superstitious beliefs DO NOT govern how you make business decisions.

Otherwise, my practice of objective thinking, critical analysis, and unbiased opinion will stifle us both.

I love business and have a continuous inner dialogue constantly running that is analyzing, optimizing, and searching for ways of increasing efficiency.

Working smarter, not harder.

You should employ an INTJ Personality type if you prefer the big-picture thinking of a decentralized management approach over the time consuming and human talent wasting centralized management approach.

Placing team members in positions that bolster their confidence while displaying their skills, knowledge, and unique abilities are crucial to employing an INTJ Personality type.

You should employ an INTJ personality type if you need an objective voice within your organization.

Where many employees and managers are looking to choose sides, an INTJ personality type is looking at the dynamics at play between both parties.

We see where both parties are coming from while providing both with missing data, information, or perspective that fuses the puzzle.

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